Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Quite a number of years ago, a young boy was separated from his sick parody of a family. It was for the best, said the people who took him - his new family would care for him. Unfortunately, this boy was a product of his upbringing, and despite the welts on his face and the cuts on his back he was obstinate in 'abandoning' his parents for his new foster family. The situation was above his head, however, probably for the best. The boy's new family showered him with affection, but the boy resisted, and the new family became tired and frustrated.

The boy, desperate for real companionship, turned to the streets of New York City circa 1970. He found his place in a small-time gang, breaking into cars and houses. Crime was quickly climbing, and soon the small gang faced stiff competition. The boy fought for his misguided ideals, however, and eventually he abandoned his foster family. He became addicted to crack cocaine and stolen money, skillfully evading law enforcement for a good eight years. They eventually got him for drug trafficking at the age of twenty-six, and was locked away. During his incarceration, the small-time gang fell apart, and knowing no other life the boy sought a new 'family'.

It was there he found the sign of the twin triangles, and his new life. He left behind his life of petty crime, and fought for a purpose. This boy became a scribe, of sorts. The Timberwolves gang had more of a need for investigation and interpretation than other gangs, for their idol worked in mysterious ways. They say this boy still lives, treasuring his freedom and slavery in equal measure. 

They say he took up the name of Thoth.

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  1. Pain was his life, and so it became his future. I feel empathy and sadness when I see this, and then I remember.. he chose this path.

    YOU chose this path.

    Don't start regretting it when it becomes tough to continue following down. You are its creator.