Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I received a letter at my residence yesterday. In it was a simple message - "Please meet me at [this place] and at [this time], it is important. Love, Maria."

Maria was from the days before the Timberwolves, when I was a rogue combing the streets for money and drugs. She was a quick fling, and I'm curious as to why she would contact me so many years later. The obvious answer is that it is a poorly-constructed trap. I am willing to humor either Maria or the moron who thought this would fool me, whoever it may be. Anybody with such an intimate knowledge of my life would be an eldritch horror from beyond the stars or a simple security risk (to myself or my associates), either of which would be reason for backup. As such, myself and two other Chicago Timberwolves will be taking a little field trip on Saturday down to St Louis.

Personally, I'm quite worried that it may actually be Maria.


  1. Lets just hope your Maria isn't NeoMaria. I don't need two different kinds of freak getting together.